Attaching toolbar to layout overflows at the bottom

Im using the new terrace skin. And when I attach a toolbar to the layout, not to a cell, the bottom of the layout disappears at the bottom of the screen.

	layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,"1C");
		menu = attachToolbar();

If you will be using the methods correctly - this issue doesn’t appear:

layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,"1C"); menu = layout.attachToolbar(); menu.setIconPath("img/menu/"); menu.setIconSize(32); menu.loadXML("data/toolbar.php");

How am I using the methods incorrectly? How is your code different from mine?

I changed my code as you said and the issue still remains.

hello. i have a similar problem. why when take out header of a cell on terrace skin borders gone away? how to bring them back, like in other skins?

Hi all
The issue is comfirmed, fix is in progress.

Hi all

attached file will fix problem. If someone used compiled version of dhtmlx - please provide completed demo, I will add fix into dhtmlx.js (9.16 KB)

Thank you very much. That solved the problem.