attachMenu() method with Layout problem

The problem I am having is, after successfully initializing layout and attach menu in full-screen mode, the window displays about 96% vertical - the overflow is hidden - in IE 7. This problem does not occur in google and firefox 2/3.

When only initializing layout, the full 100% screen is visible (i.e., the layout pattern is fully visible) . When next initializing menu, via attachMenu(), this is when the screen overflows at the bottom. I have attempted various initialization alternatives (e.g., start with a Window, add layout, menu, etc. and using object via div), the same problem occurs. I have substituted toolbar for menu, and that works properly (i.e., the toolbar does not push the layout down, and layout resizes properly) . So it appears to be unique to attaching a menu.

The styling uses these values

html, body {



margin: 0px;

overflow: hidden;

    background-color: white;


If I change overflow to auto, then I receive scrollbars and see the overflow.

Any suggestions?



The problem wasn’t reproduced locally. Please, see attached sample.

If the issue persists, please provide the sample to reproduce it. (101 KB)

I am sending you a zip file of a subset of the code base.   It contains the js, css files I am using.   The layout file is custom, per your team, that incorporates a new layout.   Also included are two css files for the layout.  The one labeled with the postfix “…S.css” is the original, whereas the original incorporates several minor modifications to adjust the seperataros width/height value.  I tested with the original file and both original and modified produce the same error.  I have identified where the error is occuring.   At line 286 of the layout.js  - = rowHeight;  is trying to set a negative value.    I have tried to isolate this using orginal files, but the error still occurs.

Thank you for help.
Dan (76.1 KB)

Please, use all js files from the sample we sent you yesterday.

Also menu must be attached to the cell not to the layout.

Please, see the sample which we’ve got - attached (81 KB)

We are under a tight development time line and now I am a bit confused.  Your answer indicates a menu can only be attached to cell in a layout.  However, that is not our requirement. The documentation under Layout, section 4.1 indicates the following:

And now one line of code will be enough to attach a dhtmlxMenu to the whole Layout:

When the page is reloaded, the menu panel will be displayed at the top part of the Layout above the toolbar panel and below the header (if they are there). If the user wants to add menu items to it, he should refer to the “dhtmlxMenu guide and code samples” documentation.

Are you suggesting that this is not correct?    If so, how does one display the menu on top of the layout?     

In regards to the specific error arising when using IE7, the layout.js file I sent you contains custom code that was written for a specific need on our part.  The custom code was provided by somebody on your team; we did not write it.  It contains a new layout pattern, which is absolutely required on our part.   If it is easier to resolve the problem by sending me a sample that conforms to our need (menu on top of layout), with a new layout.js that contains the 4C layout pattern, I can test that sample on our end.   Alternatively, I have sent you the files to reconstruct the problem we are encountering, as you requested.



Sorry for the misleading information. attachMenu can be applyed to the layout object.

But folder with skins and “imgs” folder with images must be placed in one folder. As paths to skin images are set directly in the css.

Please, see attached sample. (100 KB)


What you fixed is helpful, and I believe it addresses the error thrown in layout at the hor. style property.  Unfortunately, resolving that issue wasn’t the fix I thought it would be.  The root problem I am trying to resolve is the full-screen layout in IE7 is about 3% vertically short (hidden) on IE7.   I took the attached package and ran it in IE7 and Google.  Google shows 100% vertical and horizontally, whereas IE7 shows 100% hor. and about 97% vertical (with overflow hidden at bottom).  

Can you take the package you sent me and try it on google and IE7 in your environment and let me know if you encounter the same results?   If yes, then I need to work with you further to resolve.  If you don’t receive the same results, then that sounds like something wrong in my environment and I have to find the fix.  

Thank you,


The issue has been confirmed. It will be fixed in the next layout release.

As the workaround in the current version you can remove the doctype from the page.

Alex,  ok that work around seems to work.  But, one more problem to resolve, in regards to IE7, and this is reference to another post ( … 35&a=14494) for details. 

I have attached a html file that functionally performs a hyperlink from one section in a page to another.   In google/ff, this performs as expected;  the page is repositioned to the anchors.  In IE7, a couple of observations:

1.) In our project code, this clicking on the hyperlink (IE7) moved the entire layout page vertically about 3%, thereby hiding the global menu attached to the layout.  It also hid the containing window header.
2.) In the code package you and I have been exchanging for testing, I cannot get the html to appear in IE7.  In google, it works fine. 

Can you test this also?   I have attached the file.  To summarize, I am creating a dhtmlxWindow object and using the attachURL method to attach an html page that performs some on page hyperlinks.
I am suspect these is connected to the problem per this post, otherwise it is a new issue?

Dan (541 Bytes)

Hello Dan,

please, check attached sample. It seems that the window header is shown without issues. (53.9 KB)


Yes, your example works.  However, the problem does not arise is a simple scenario.  The problem arises when the attached url (page with intra-page linking) is constructed when layout and global menu is used.  Then, in IE7, using the hyperlinks in the window causes the global layout to move.   I have a constructed a sample that re-creates the problem.  Hopefully, it is just something we are overlooking, although we have tried many different approaches with no luck.  Can you run this in your environment.  IE7 creates the problem and google is fine in our environment.

Dan (1.14 MB)


Yes, for some reason the scrollTop is shifted.

As the workaround you can call window.setTimeout(function(){document.body.scrollTop=0;}, 1); when the “general” link is clicked.

Please, see attached sample (1.22 MB)