attachURL of dhtmlx window


How can I pass tree object to the url used in attachURL of window? Is it possible? The url is a php script. I need to find the childless nodes of a node in that script.



The iframe inside window is available by _frame property:

var frame = win._frame;

So, the tree object is

var tree = frame.contentWindow.treeObject;


Javascript is not working on the server script given in attachURL(not even an alert function on load). I am also trying to use dhtmlx Tabbar in that url page which is also not working. Only all the tab content is displayed. Please help.

dhtmlxWindows is a client-side component.

You can send ajax request to the server (for example dhtmlxAjax) or use another known approach to pass data to the server.

Can I use dhtmlxTabbar in dhtmlxWindow by attaching it by url instead of html?

If the tabbar is intialized in some page and you place this pade into dhtmlxwindow iframe using attachURL method, the tabbar will appear in the window.