When i give a start date for a task in the months of AUGUST and SEPTEMBER in this format 2011,08,01 and 2011,09,14 , an error message is getting displayed. But if I give it as 2011,8,01 and 2011,9,14 ( I have replaced 08 with 8 and 09 with 9 )the task is getting plotted. This issue does not exist for other months. Please look into this issue and give me solution.
This is my XML:-
FEB TASK2011,02,087680<taskid=‘761000000742033’>MARCH TASK2011,03,132880AUGUST TASK2011,08,015760SEPTEMBER TASK2011,09,145760OCTOBER TASK2011,10,305760

The problem is with one leading zero like 08, it is a confirmed bug it was fixed in new code, it will be released soon.


this Bug is still there in the latest version. Will it be fixed in the next version?