Auto link, is that possible?

i think auto link is more important than auto scheduling, i want to allow user that feeling too lazy to connect each task with link, so, is that possible to do auto link?

Hello Farroh,
Gantt doesn’t have such a feature. You need to implement a custom solution and specify your conditions for linking tasks.

I have an example where it is possible to link subtasks with one another:
If you modify it a little, you will be able to link all tasks, but I doubt that you really need that feature to work that way:

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whoaa the second snippet it’s truly what i mean :sweat_smile: sorry if you think this is not really what people need, but for people around me, yes we need an auto link. The first snippet is such a big help as well, thankyou very much

no no no, i take my word, your idea is better :sweat_smile: thankyou for open my mind