Auto refreshing grid, and interaction with use filtering

I have a grid that gets refreshed via. ajax on a timer using updateFromXML and that all works quite nicely.

I use myGrid.attachHeader(#select_filter,#select_filter,etc…) to provide drop-down lists so that the user may filter the visible results. This too works nicely…

The problem is when the the grid is refreshed, if the user had applied one or more sub-filters, the displayed results are no longer correct until you clear the #select_filter selection and then re-apply it.

Is this a bug or is there another script command I should call on my load callback to force the grid to reset the filtering based on the selections?


To reset filters you may use following code:

grid.load(url,function(){ grid.filterByAll(); });

Hi Olga, thank you for your reply.

Is filterByAll() going to effectively reset all of the users filtering choices so that none are selected? The type of forced refresh I am looking for would need to retain the user’s filtering selections when the grid is re-loaded.

I will go try

edit: I tried your suggestion and at first it did not seem to work. Then I moved the call to filterByAll() as the last statement within the callback function, rather than the function that initiated. Like this it seems to be working ok now. Thanks!

filterByAll() method force grid filtering by registered inputs. So if no values are set to the filters, this method will remain grid as it is.