Auto schedule does not respect links

I have many projects running without any scheduling problems, but I have only one project that doesn’t honor any program bindings.

When I move a taskbar it should reschedule and move the successor tasks, in this project it doesn’t happen.

I have seen that the flow of events when moving the bar is different…
Project flow ok:

  1. onBeforeTaskDrag
  2. onTaskDrag
  3. onBeforeTaskChanged
  4. onBeforeTaskAutoSchedule (x the number of successor tasks)
  5. onBeforeGanttRender
  6. onAfterAutoSchedule
  7. onBeforeGanttRender
  8. onAfterTaskDrag

Project flow with problem:

  1. onBeforeTaskDrag
  2. onTaskDrag
  3. onBeforeTaskChanged
  4. onAfterAutoSchedule
  5. onBeforeGanttRender
  6. onAfterTaskDrag
  7. onBeforeGanttRender

I don’t understand why the flows are different or what I should check or modify…

This is my plugin configuration:
undo: true, // undo
auto_scheduling: true, // automatic scheduling
keyboard_navigation: true, // key combination
multiselect: true, // multiple selection
critical_path: true, // critical path
quick_info: false, // info of the task in bar when selecting it
tooltip: false, // task info in table and bar
overlay: true, // overlay ar vs pm graph
fullscreen: true, // fullscreen
marker: false, // marker of a date

This is the component configuration the version is 7.0.10:
ganttInstance.config = {
// initial
auto_scheduling: true, // true: enable automatic scheduling
schedule_from_end: false, // false: schedule ahead / true: schedule backward
auto_scheduling_compatibility: true, // false: automatic scheduling like MS Project
auto_scheduling_strict: false, // true - always reschedule tasks to the earliest possible date
auto_scheduling_initial: true, // true: Gantt will automatically schedule the data upload
open_tree_initially: true, // true: all tasks are expanded when loading gantt
types: { // define task types
task: TASK, // child task
project: PROJECT, // parent task
milestone: MILESTONE, // milestone
// performance
show_task_cells: true, // true: show backgrounds with their colors
static_background: true, // true - generates a background image for the timeline area instead of rendering the actual row and column lines
branch_loading: true, // true: allow dynamic loading on the Gantt chart
drag_progress: false, // true: enable modify progress from taskbar
show_progress: true, // true - show progress inside taskbars
smart_scales: true, // true - only the visible part of the timeline is rendered on the screen
// custom
auto_scheduling_descendant_links: false, // true: allow links from mothers to daughters
smart_rendering: true, // true: enable task and link rendering
order_branch: ‘marker’, // allows vertical reordering of tasks within the same tree level
link_line_width: 2, // link line width
keyboard_navigation_cells: true, // true: enable keyboard navigation through cells
row_height: 25, // default row height
task_height: 20, // (deprecated 7.1 -> bar_height) height of the taskbars in the timeline area
autoscroll: true, // true: enable autoscroll while scrolling a task or link
autoscroll_speed: 50, // scroll speed in ms
date_grid: ‘%d/%m/%Y’, // date format in gantt columns

I hope you can help me,

I tried to reproduce your issue in the following snippet: ;
But it seems to work correctly to me.
The issue could be connected with various reasons, but it’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong, without more details. Please, add your configuration in the snippet above and make sure that the issue is reproduced there.
Then, click on the Save button and send me the link. Or send me a ready demo with all the necessary JavaScript and CSS files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.