Auto show all subtask

the subtask for task is hidden…i need to click on the tree to show it…can it show automatically without click?

You can use “open” attribute in the original data feed to define which branches will be opened after data loading. … properties

data:[ {id:1, text:"Project #1", start_date:"01-04-2013", duration:18, open:1}, {id:2, text:"Task #1", start_date:"02-04-2013",duration:8, parent:1}, {id:3, text:"Task #2", start_date:"11-04-2013",duration:8, parent:1} ],

how if i’m using gantt.load(‘data.php’); and using $gantt->render_table() for data.php?

you can add this value to the data items using ‘mix’ method of the connector:

$gantt = new JSONGanttConnector($res, $dbtype); $gantt->mix("open", 1);
there is also config for default ‘opened/closed’ state which will be used for the data items that do not have a ‘open’ property … onfig.html

okay…got it…thank you very much