auto_types slow down parse method


We are evaluating new PRO version of Gantt control and bumped into performance issue.

When auto_types = true then parse method takes 10 sec, but if it is false it is 0.15 sec. There are 1500 records.
We applied smart rendering and background_image = true but it doesn’t help.

What can be the issue?

Below is the link to snippet, change auto_types to check performance.


Hello Roman,
Thank you for the snippet. We reproduced it and confirm that the issue exists. In the near future we’ll investigate why it happens and what we can do with it.

Hi Ramil,

Is there any update when this issue can be fixed?

We are experiencing another issue with auto_types = true.
There is also performance lag during grouping by some field. Even for small records set.

Hi DHTMLX team,

We are about to purchase license for the Gantt chart but before it we would like to know when issues above will be fixed.


We have the task in our tracker system, but unfortunately I cannot give you the ETA when it is fixed. I’ll ask the dev team if they are able to take care of it in the nearest two weeks and I will tell you if they can do it.

The issue is fixed and the fix will be included in the future versions.