Auto update does not work for every cell change

My problem is that my data processor which is attached with a 3-column grid does not send request for every cell edit/change:

var RefGrid = dhxLayout.cells(“c”).attachGrid();
RefGrid.load(‘/Trans/TransRefGrid?id=@(Model.ID)’, ‘xml’);

    var dp_ref = new dataProcessor("/Trans/SaveRef");
    dp_ref.setTransactionMode("POST", false);
    //dp_ref.setDataColumns([false, true, true]);//this too has no effect

It sends request only when I change a cell (2nd or third) but then afterwards it does not send the request for another cell edit; I want to send row data for ANY cell edit/leave! Currently it sends the request only once! /Trans/TransRefGrid xml output contains this config:

S.# Ref No.
<column  id="Descr" width="70"  sort="str" type="txt"  align="left"  >Remarks</column>

Currently it sends the request only once!

Check that server side response is in valid format and contains valid sid and tid values.
Invalid response can be a reason of the problem.

Also beware that only actual edit operation triggers data sending. Changing data through api will not trigger data updates.