Autocomplete first value auto selected

In older versions of the combobox, the first value returned from an autocomplete ajax query was displayed but not automatically put into the textfield - now, it is put in. This causes issues for us because we do not search on only first letters, but on any letters in a string - is there a way to turn this off so that a user has to actually click on a value to get it into the textfield?

Here is our issue:

  1. Start typing “fred”.
  2. First value returned by search is “black, fred” and it is automatically put into the textfield.
  3. If you wanted “frederick” and continue typing, the value in the textfield has been replaced and the cursor is where it was previously (which makes sense if you are matching on first letters, but not for us) so what is in the field is now “blacerick”

Thanks in advance!

Please check the following post:


Excellent, Alexandra, thank you very much for the response, that works well!

For others who find this thread, the solution to the issue above is to comment out the following two lines in dhtmxlcombo.js and add the third line (change should be self-evident):

// this.setComboText(data[1]);
// dhtmlXRange(this.DOMelem_input,text.length+1,data[1].length);


The same problem with you.
But it seems that the origional codes is right, why doesn’t it work?specifically, the second row.
However, what I need is the modified version.