Autocomplete suggestions not displaying in input text box


When a user enters in a input text box, I have a list that comes from DB, which I can see on the browser when I debug, but that list is not being displayed as autocomplete suggestions. I’m sure I’m missing something. Please guide me…

In header,



[code]var layoutObj6 = document.getElementById(“layoutObj6”);
myLayout6.cells(“a”).setText(" Impersonation:");
myImpersonationFormData = [
{type: “block”, list:[
{type: “input”, name: “txtImpersonate”, id: “txtImpersonate”, offsetLeft: 0, inputWidth: 125},
{type: “newcolumn”},
{type: “button”, value: “Set”, name: “btn_impersonate”, id: “btn_impersonate”, width: 20}

	myImpersonationForm = myLayout6.cells("a").attachForm(myImpersonationFormData);
myImpersonationForm.attachEvent("onInputChange", function (name, value,myImpersonationForm){
       if(name == 'txtImpersonate'){
					       url : env + "/MyProject/GetUserList",
					       type : "GET",
					       data : { user : value, contextAppName : "myimpersonate"},
					       dataType : "jsonp",
					       success : function(data) {
			   	 	      error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown){
            				                alert("ERROR!!! \n \n System Error code: " + jqXHR.status + "\n \n Please contact Server administrator.);                        

You need to use the “combo” item. Not the “input”

Thank you so very much for replying. I needed this autocomplete feature for input text box(like the way google search text box works), not the combo. Please advise…

Unfortunately such feature is not supported for the dhtmlxForm input item.

Thank you very much for letting me know. Its a very useful feature for input box, because we can already achieve it like a charm using jquery and ajax. But just wanted it in dhtmlx. In case you are planning to add it, please let me know.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Unfortunately we’re not planning to add autocomplete feature for the input item in the near future.
The possibility of such feature adding may be considered in the future.