Autoloading in tree

setXMLAutoloading(true) method allow us to load a tree dynamically on demand.

But is there any to load the total tree i.e, the tree itself open all child elements and load total tree.

I need this because i have a issue with enablemulichcheckbox(true).

If user check a parent node , the childs are not checked because they will be loaded on opening the parent node, but not on checking the parent node.

So can u please provide the solution for this issue.

Naresh adla

There are some samples with different tree loading: … sing_data/
The simplest one is loadXML()
And do not forget about callback … sing_data/
or onXLE event handler … vent_onxle

Thanks for ur reply darya.
But i ddnt find the solution for my question.

I am loading my tree in dynamic mode.
Dynamic mode means when i open a node if its child property set to “1” then a call will
send to server and the childrens will be loaded.

But i need the tree should load its all nodes automatically by doing the same thing.(but on its own without my interaction)

Naresh Adla.

Do you mean to open the whole tree step-by-step, item-by-item on its load?

step by step the total tree should be loaded at a time.

In this case you need to iterate the whole tree manually and openItem() by index with an interval.

How can i iterate the whole tree?
Is there any method like forEachRow in grid?

You need to write your custom sunction based on your tree structure. there is no ready approach