Automatic date correction

I have a small question to ask if gantt can automatically correct the input date according to the calendar. For example, the start time of my calendar is from 8 am to 16 PM, so when I create a new task, the start time is 2022-12-8 Can you automatically adjust it to 2022-12-08:00 according to the calendar?
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To make Gantt adjust or snap the task dates to the working time, you need to enable the correct_work_time config:

But that is not enough. If you enable the work_time config, for the “day” duration_unit, the duration is calculated in days, and the days start at 00:00. So, Gantt won’t move the tasks to 08:00.
You need to change the duration_unit to “hour”:

Here is an example:

With your help, the problem has been solved.
Thanks again for your help!

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