Automatic remembering of login & password by IE/ FF

I want to create a login screen so that IE & FF automatically remember and fill the login & password fields, as is common on most entry web pages.

If I create my form, the ‘old-fashioned way’ eg …

User Name
 Password   <input type="password" name="Password" > 

 <input type="submit"  name="Submit" value="Logon">

everything behaves correctly, and IE provides a drop-down of user names, and asks if I want my password saved.

But if I load my login form from an dhtmlx XML file looking like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <item type="password" id="password" name="password" label="Password:"

I get no such IE help. What am I missing?


I guess this depend on browser. we know about this issue, no idea for now how to improve. due async load used in a form, browsers sometimes not correctly rendered saved passwords. probably they also have script in “onload” which called bew form loaded.

OK, thanks for that.
I’ll revert to the old traditional method for this first login form, because it is pretty essential for my app that the user gets the login/ password filled in automatically on their machines.