automatic scroll bar in iFrame

Hi there,

I’ve got a little issue.

Right now I’m opening up a new tab when someone double clicks on a row in my grid.

// Grid Functions

function doOnRowDoubleClicked(rowId, celInd)


var id = “a” + rowId;

var title = myGrid.cells(rowId,1).getValue();



myTabbar.setContentHref(id, “/contact/index?contact_user_id=” + rowId);



The new tab that opens up has the following code:

// Build Toolbar for grid

var gridToolbar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject(“details_toolbar”);


gridToolbar.loadXML("/xml/cmdetailstoolbar?user_id={$user->user_id}&r=" + new Date().getTime());

gridToolbar.attachEvent(“onClick”, doOnGridToolbarClick);

Everything works mostly okay, except, the width isn’t really 100%. It’s automatically leaving room for a scroll bar. I tried to use the style overflow:hidden but it didn’t work.

Is there a way to do this?

I see an enableScroll… method in the guide, but it didn’t seem to have any effect when I used it.



I tried to use the style overflow:hidden
To which element you have such style assigned?
To remove global scroll in iframe , such style need to be assigned to the body element of page, which loaded in iframe

body { overflow:hidden; }

Worked like a charm.  Thank you!