Automatically manage start_date only on double click

Hi, I have the scheduler with step of 15 min and event_step of 30 min and auto_end_date equal true.

I would like to have when I do a double click to have an event autocreated with duration 30 min (which I have)… but starting always each clicked hours at time 00 or 30.


With step 15 min if I click on bottom part of half hour it startes at 15 or 45…what I want to do is modify automatically this start putting if 15… goes to 00 and if 45 goes to 30…

But only in case of double click… enabling 15min step only with dragging.

How can I do that?


You can use onEventCreated handler to configure dates of the new event.

Please check the snippet that demonstrates how it might be implemented: