autoresize of the grid property

This is lokendra Ujjwal.
I Had two issues with autoresize of the grid property.

If I try to resize the columns of the grid, many time it hang in the autoresize mode(I had released the mouse and mouse pointer also not on the grid still is resizing ), and through some javascript error also.
How to avoid this issue .

Thanks a Lot.

Lokendra Ujjwal

Unfortunately issue can’t be reconstructed locally.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.


I had reproduced that issue in this url . … width.html
If I continously resizing the columns in this url grid, after some time in hang in the resize mode. The mouse is out of grid area , but still on the mouse movement the resizing of the grid is still happening.
To regenerate this issue, u try to resize the grid toward the right and resize the columns with a faster movement of mouse…

Lokendra Ujjwal


I want to tell one more case , to reproduce this issue littel faster, U increase any columns the the right out of the grid boundry and release the mouse.
And now come back to the grid again, the mouse become like this <–>.

But for my application grid it hang if i resize any grid columns little faster.

Lokendra Ujjwal

Which version of grid you are using?
When mouse pointer is released beyond the borders of current window|frame, grid can’t detect it and stays in column-resize mode. But any click inside the grid must release it back to normal mode.


Still I did not the solution for this issue.
We are using v.2.5 build 090904 .

And for me ,When mouse is stuck in the resize mode, then moving of mouse above the grid , grid is still is resizing.

And here, it becomes permanantly in resize mode. From here, not able to release the mouse from the resize mode , after clicking on the (inside the grid ) on the grid header.


Lokendra Ujjwal

This issue has been fixed at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid. Please update your files