AutoSchedule Problem

I have a gantt with 2k task, and all tasks have a link with other tasks. So if a date is changed on the first task all other tasks will be impacted because AutoSchedule is enabled.

When AutoSchedule ends, the event onAfterAutoSchedule fires, but the gantt is still frozen and i cant do anything on the page, especially when the auto schedule adjust more than 1k tasks. After some time the page comes back to work without any error or messages

I’d like to know if it’s a bug or if there’s any other triggered event that I dont know…

If you have so many tasks, you’d better use some of our performance tweaks:
I modified our sample to have links and autoscheduling extension and tried to change the date. Although it hangs the browser for some time (it is expected because Gantt needs to redraw many cells in the chart) it is not frozen again after that and the code fires correctly (Gantt popup message):
Maybe you have something specific in your case. Could you share a sample of your code? You can modify the snippet above. After you edit the code and see that it reproduces the same behaviour, click on the “Share” button and copy the link for the snippet.

I have found the problem.
It occurs when i use ASP NET MVC server side, so how i have a lot of request to server in few seconds it creates a bottleneck in communication.
When i remove the DataProcessor from my code it was solved.
But now i need a way to send all changes at once (like this Grid example … ndingmodes) but i dont know how do that in Gantt…

DataProcessor should work the same way in all products. When you set the transaction mode, specify “true” option as the second parameter to send all changes at once:
dp.setTransactionMode(“POST”, true);
You can read more about the method in the following article: … nmode.html