Autoscheduling - Task to Parent task Dependency calculation to understand


I have a simple Task1 and Task2 and Task2 has 4 child asap constraint type tasks and each task starts consecutive days with 1 day duration. So structure is like below:

Task#1: start date: 2nd april and end date: 6th april
Task#2: start date: 2nd april
Task#2.1: start date 3rd april. duration 1
Task#2.2: start date 4th april. duration 1
Task#2.3: start date 5th april. duration 1
Task#2.4: start date 6th april. duration 1

So when i add a dependency from Task#1 to Task#2, all child tasks of Task#2 start date Expected to be 7th April as those are “asap” constraint type tasks. But those child tasks start dates are like 7th, 8th,9th and 10th.
Is this a issue or is there any thing i missed here?
Adde a link from Task#1 to Task#2 and see the child task dates.



this behavior is caused by the following config, which is enabled by default:

This is behavior that is expected by some users. The idea is that if you have relation that moves a project to another date, all dates inside this project should be moved as one, keepeng distances between them. The same way as tasks move when you move project in this example:

If you disable this config, subtasks will be moved independently and will start on 7th April

gantt.config.auto_scheduling_move_projects = false;