autoscheduling with leads has no effect


due to some reason setting negative values in link.lag does not have any effect to the autoscheduling. If the value is positive autoscheduling works perfectly.

This is my link array which is parsed:

{0: Object[ {id: 45, source: "150", target: "167", type: "1", lag: "0"}] 1: Object[ {id: 69, source: "165", target: "166", type: "1", lag: "0"}] 2: Object[ {id; 71, source: "172", target: "173", type: "0", lag: "3"}] 3: Object[ {id: 72, source: "150", target: "151", type: "1", lag: "-4"}] }

Unfortunately it is independend whether the lag is a string or an integer.

Every help is appreciated.




Please, check the snippet, a negative “lag” works as expected:
After loading the page lag is displayed only for the last link (between Task #2.3-Task #2.4). If you try to move other tasks, other lags work too:

If you want to display links according lag immediately after loading the page, you need to use .auto_scheduling_strict config.

Hello Polina,

thank you for the answer. I don’t know why, but after deleting all links in my testing DB it works without any problems.

Best regards!