back button - resubmit (Drag n Drop)

Hi guys
I use the Drag n Drop fucntion between two grids. That works brilliant! :slight_smile:
When I submit it i create a javascript array and use json with a form input hidden to commit the value per POST to the php.

Now I need to use a back button, for editing the grid again after I submit the form. When I use the history.back() or history.go(-1) I doesn’t work for the grid to fill it up again. I tested with chrome, ie, safari. Is there something I forgot oder any solution for this problem? (I do not use databases with dhtmlx)

arrMyGrid = [];
	function createArray ()
		for (var r=0; r<MyGrid.getRowsNum(); r++)
		var jsonColumn1= document.getElementById('jsonColumn1');
		jsonColumn1.value = JSON.stringify(arrMyGrid);


I found the solution. It’s not a dhtmlx problem. I don’t use the back function anymore. Now I use the php session variable to handle this.

thanks anyway