Backbone / Scheduler Integration on different views


I’m trying to integrate two different scheduler-views (ie. week and month) in different backbone-views.
In both views I init a new scheduler → this.$(“.scheduler”).dhx_scheduler({…})
Everything seems to be fine until I add an event, change to the other view and try to add another event. Then the lightbox contains the “old” data and I get this error in the console:


If I remove lightbox (.dhx_cal_light) on view-change, scheduler shows no lightbox in the “new” view.

Do I have to buy the PRO-version for multiple schedulers? Or is there a chance to de-init on change of backbone view?


In above case you need to have two instances of the scheduler on the page, which is possible only with PRO version. In case of standard version, when second scheduler, created first one will be corrupted.

We will improve it a bit in the next update, so you will be able to move scheduler to different html container without js errors, but still you will be able to have only one scheduler per page ( you can show it in different views, but it will be a same object with the same configuration and data )

OK, thanks Stanislav.

I fixed the errors by resetting the Lightbox when the backbone view changes (scheduler.resetLightbox()) and some other small improvements.