Background color if there are important events


Is it possible to change the background color of the whole day when there’s an important event on that day, so you can see this quickly?

I know that you can change the color of the day with: month_date_class, but how can I check if there are such events?

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Michiel Klaver

[code]var markers = {};
var format ="%Y-%m-%d");
scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventLoading”, function(ev){
if (ev.important)
return true;

if (makers[format(date)]) return “custom_css”;

first part of code checks if important event is exist and stores markers for related dates
second part of code - just a normal template, which uses previously stored markers.


Thanks, this is working great, the only strange thing is that it’s not working the first time, first I have to click on the day or week view button before the background is changing.
The other problem is in the unit view, then the background isn’t working correctly, can I disable this class in the unit view?

Michiel Klaver

Be sure that month_date_class was defined BEFORE loading data in scheduler.

can I disable this class in the unit view?

scheduler.templates.month_date_class=function(date){ if (scheduler._mode == "units") return ""; ... existing code ...


Thanks for the response, but I have defined it before loading the data in scheduler, but is it possible that I don’t see it because I fill the array on the event loading, so it havent been set before the data has been loaded?

The other point is working, only there was a typo:
if (scheduler._mode == “unit”) return “”;

Michiel Klaver

it because I fill the array on the event loading

Order of events is the next

  • data loading
  • onEventLoading processing
  • rendering

So at rendering phase, all flags must be already set.
In any case you can try to use code as

scheduler.load(url, function(){ scheduler.setCurrentView(scheduler._date, scheduler._mode); });

thanks, this works!