Background color not changing

I am trying to change the background color based on colors set in my database. I can get textColor to work and it changes to whatever I set it to but the background color doesn’t work.

Here is my query:

$scheduler->render_sql(“SELECT date_start, date_end, CONCAT(last_name, ': ', subject) AS subject, activities.notes AS description, assigned_to,
IF (bg_color IS NULL, ‘#ffffff’, bg_color) AS color, ‘#000000’ AS textColor
FROM activities
INNER JOIN projects ON = activities.project_id
INNER JOIN contacts ON = projects.contact_id
LEFT JOIN activity_category ON activities.activity_category_id =
WHERE activity_type_id = “. $_GET[‘activity_type_id’] .” AND activities.date_start >= SUBDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY)
ORDER BY date_start ASC”, “id”, “date_start, date_end, subject, color, textColor, assigned_to, description”);

This is what my XML looks like

However it doesn’t work. The background color stays at the yellowish/gold color.

From what I can tell the css file (dhtmlxscheduler_glossy.css) is overwriting the background color. What would be the best way to fix this?

For anyone else with this issue, I stopped using the glossy css and that fixed it.


There is no need to stop using glossy skin. As I can see only multiday events do not apply background color if glossy skin is enabled, you can fix it following way:

.dhx_cal_event_line { background-image: none; }
Full sample:

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