Background dynamic text for empty cells


I am currently using the timeline view in treemode.

I would like to display a custom text in the background of empty cells. I came across the cell class template but the text I want to display will be retrieved via an API call (and different from one cell to another).

I am using the scheduler version 4.2.

Any thoughts on a possible solution…? Thanks a lot.

You can try to handle onScaleAdd event ( … event.html)

This event will be called for each section. Second argument will contain current section id. You can get current section from scheduler.matrix.{timeline}.y_unit array.

To add any text to columns you should iterate over first argument children cells (

…). To get date by cell number you can use scheduler.matrix.{timeline}._trace_x

Thank you !!! Exactly what I was looking for. :smiley: :smiley: