Background Refreshing

We have a requirement for the schedule to be updated in the background. Essentially, if multiple people have the schedule open and one adds an event, it will appear in the other users’ screen without them having to refresh the page.

This can be done fairly easily by using setTimeout to call scheduler.load(), but unfortunately this causes the schedule itself to be completely redrawn and jump back to the default date view.

Is there any way to prevent scheduler.load() from redrawing the entire UI, or at least have it jump back to the date and view that were being displayed before the refresh?

You could try the url_date-plugin. Path in sample-directory: /samples/03_extensions/10_url_date_plugin.html
It keeps track of the current date und viewmode in the anchor-part of the url, and auto-navigates to those on load.


scheduler.load function loads events and renders them on a current view without resetting to the default view and date.
Can you please provide your code, maybe there is a problem there.

Though note that it’s possible to set callback function, check scheduler.load page in documentation. In that function you can set any mode and date to be displayed.

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