Backward buffering for grid.

Is there a way to make the grid buffer backwards?

For example when you scroll down the data page is called with pos and count needed. When scrolling backwards it only asks for data at the starting position and going down so if you scroll up one line again it will ask for more data in the same way.

Can it be made to ask for records higher up than just the previous line? That would ease DB calls in the long run.



Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to do that.

count is always number of rows from the target row to the last row in a visible area of a grid.

What happens if when the grid requests posStart of 200 and count of 10
But we return back starting at record 160 and a count of 100 records.
Would that cause any issues?

I did a test and it seemed to be behaving ok but I’m not sure if any complications would arise from always changing the calls.
Also, the system will not try to return records before the first one.



If you return another count of records starting at another position, that won’t cause any issues in grid.

So, you can do that.