Backward Compatibility with different JDK versions in Schedu

I appreciate you guys for such a yoctosecond response. I have got the connector for java/jsp and tried to implement it. Instantly, I got the bad version class exception. I checked my jvm environment which is jdk 1.5. after trying here and there, found out that you guys are using isEmpty() method of String Class in many of the source java files. which does not exist in jdk 1.5 and a newly intruduced feature of jdk 1.6.

Many of us are working on legacy jdk 1.4 or above. and changing the jdk environment in production machine could be a nightmare. So I suggest that class product like dhtmlxscheduler should always keep in check of these minor issues. Hope, next version will take care of all these issues.

Shall I have java/jsp backword comapatible connector ?

(whoof, the question was the purpose of writing such a lengthy mail.) :slight_smile:.


We have missed this point. Thanks for your remark
Functionality, which requires jdk 1.6 can be easily coded in a different way, so we will update connectors package to be usable with older jdk versions.
(I think the updated package will be available on Monday )

Hi Guys

When can I have java 1.5 compatible scheduler connector?

I would appreciate any suggestion/remark/reply on above question. :slight_smile:



any progress on the issue . I am desperate to integrate scheduler with java 1.5.