Bar chart does not show for big "string" number

Datas read from mysql server whose data type is Decimal(). These numbers are transmitted to client as strings. So if a max scales property is not defined, chart will not draw. May be it’s not a bug.

Unfortunately the chart expects the number values, and it cannot parse the string values as numbers.

Yes, you are right. It’s a string not a number.
But try the pie chart,, dhx parses the string value as numbers. I think they should be treated fairly :slight_smile:
And as you see, if I set the “max: 100”, the bar chart does work. That say dhx can recoginize the “string” numbers. Just something wrong with bar chart.

Thank you for your clarification. I’ve sent your report to the dev team and that issue will be checked.

We have fixed your reported problem with the string values in the bar chart in the latest dhx.Suite update (7.3). Now they are displaying correctly.
You can test it in your original snippet:
Please, try to download the latest available build from your client’s area to get that fix.