BasicScheduler compile issue

I have followed the directions to create the BasicScheduler in VS 2010, but I am getting a compile error. The lines of code with the failure are:

Here the compiler complains that it doesn’t find newSampleDataContext
public ActionResult Data()
{//events for loading to scheduler
return new SchedulerAjaxData(newSampleDataContext().Events);

Here it again complains about newSampleDataContext
var context = newSampleDataContext();

Any help would be appreciated.

looks like there is a typo in tutorial,
it should be not



new SampleDataContext()

I changed it according to your suggestion, but it still doesn’t compile. It is complaining that the SampleDataContext type or namespace could not be found. Is there a Using statement I should be using?


Ignore the last question. I figured it out. But I have another question: How do I wire up the create/update/delete events? There is a comment in the sample code Your insert logic/Your delete logic, etc. Are there events or methods created by the datacontext to handle that or must I write my own?


DataContext has methods to create/update/delete model objects,
Check code from this article, if you need basic functionality will do the job … ate_method