BeforeAdd event not working on tree collection


I am trying to use the BeforeAdd event for the tree collection, however it doesn’t seem to be triggering.

Refer to snippet. When you click on Add, it should trigger a alert with the items data. However it isn’t triggering the alert at all.

Anyone else having this problem?

If you change the version to 6.3, it works so it looks like something broke after that version? Seems strange though with that many versions since …

I use the Tree component but not with the .add method so I hadn’t noticed this issue. You should let the developers know …

The beforeAdd still works well with the Grid (which I am using).

Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed.
We’ll try to fix it in future updates.

Hello Tony.

Thank you for your report once again. Your reported problem was fixed in the latest (7.1.10) update:

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