Behavior of : $form->access->deny("read")

In my form connector I used:


But it doesn’t seem to do anything, when I try to load the form from javascript using:


The “deny” part is ignored and the form is loaded.

Are there any examples or docs concerning “security”?


Please update the existing base_connector.php with the attached one.

Original version apply access rules only for insert|update|delete operations. (5.27 KB)

I tried with the file you uploaded but the behavior hasn’t changed.

The form is loaded again and I don’t see the message “Access Denied!”


if (!$this->access->check("read")){
	echo "Access denied";


if (!$this->connector->access->check($mode)){
LogMaster::log("Access control: {$operation} operation blocked");

I suppose there should be some entry in the log but nothing is written.

In case of read access blocking - the operation will be prevented on server side, but client side will not show any special text.

As for log record - yep, it sounds usefull, code updated. (5.31 KB)

Actually the “Access denied” is displayed properly and the form is not loaded.

There is an entry in the log:

Log started, 18/11/2010 12:11:47

Access control: read operation blocked

Thanks now it works as expected.