Behavior with setAutoSize

Have a behavior with main_layout.setAutoSize(“a;b;c”, “b”);

its a 3E layout, in “b” a new 2U layout is attached. In this “b” a 3U is attached. “a” and “b” with header “c” without.

if I set main_layout.setAutoSize(“a;b;c”, “b”); the resizings works well but if I collapse the “a” in the 3U layout dhtmlx throw a runtime error and “a” isn´t collapsed. If I remove the main_layout.setAutoSize(“a;b;c”, “b”); no resize is workling (is´t clear) but I can collapse the “a” cell.

I know it´s strange to understand therefor I prepare an example to reproduce the error and send it to support.

Ok :slight_smile:

I believe I send it from a different account. The demo was send out 6.jun with the subject Problems while collapse layout cell


Found your demo

Well I guess it is due too many custom unofficial code and nesting. I recommend you to use 3L layout (or 2U + 2E on left) + header/footer instead of dozen layouts with hidden headers :slight_smile:

Demo with header and footer is here: … ooter.html


what you mean with “too many unofficial code” and is there a limit for object nesting??

I agree for header and footer there´s no need to add it in a layout. So the 3L could be a solution. But in 3L “b” I need an additional layout because in my design sometimes I need a 2U a 2E or a 3E. This must be set depends on what gridline from the grid attached to 3L “a” the user clicks. In each of the cells from the 2U, 2E or 3E another objects (Accord, Grids etc.) needs to be assigned.

To handle this in that way was the most important reason to use dHTMLx. If this does´t work due to some undocumented limitations we are not very happy.


Please attach screenshow with description like:

  1. this cell is for header
  2. this cell is for … and I would like to collapse it along with cell …
  3. this cell is for footer

I will check and advise something