Best approach to confirm user before submission from grid



I have a DHTMLX grid with a checkbox column. The data is submitted to server using Dataprocessor.
The grid generation code is like this:
mdfgrid = mdfLayout.cells(“a”).attachGrid();
mdfgrid.setHeader(“ID,Core Data Field ,Internal”,null,["",""]);
if (stage == 2 && index == 2 ){
console.log("New value "+new_value+“Old Value”+old_value);
return false; //deny edit operation
return true;

What I’m trying to achieve is that if any user un-checks the checkbox in the third column of the grid in any row, I need to show him a confirmation message and based on user input the value is to be submitted to the server. The above onEditCell triggers for the text column edits as well so I doesn’t suit the purpose(and it gives the checkbox values only for stage 2 and not stage 0 so I cannot cancel the submit and by then the data is already submitted to the server). I see we have an oncheck event but I’m not able to stop the submission of the data by the dataprocessor based on the confirmation dialog

Is there a way to achieve this? Basically if the user tries to uncheck the third checkbox column we need to confirm it with a dialog and then if the user clicks yes on that confirm dialog the changed row data can be submitted otherwise the submission is to be cancelled.

Thanks in advance

You may try to use the getValue() method to get the current state of the chackbox to validate it and block if it is needed