Best Way to Disable Quick Info for Groupings


How should I disable showing of quickinfo when clicking on a Grouping? It is null and makes the app crash.


Hello Asyong,
Please clarify if you want to disable Quick Info for all tasks or only for the specific tasks when you enable the grouping mode.
I cannot reproduce the issue with Quick Info when I group tasks:


Hello @ramil,

I only want to disable it on the “grouping” titles.
In the snippet you shared, when you group by status,
I want to disable it on: Planning, Not Started, In Progress and Complete. Thus the groupings

Thank you!


Hello Asyong,
Thank you for the clarification.
In the onQuickInfo event handler, you can check if a task has the $virtual property and use the gantt.ext.quickInfo.hide() method to hide the Quick Info popup.
Here is the updated snippet:


ahhh, lifesaver. Thank you!