Better choise touch vs desctop

Hallo htmlx users

I’m going to design a webapplication that should work even in touch devices (bigger resolutions: above 800x600) as in desctop mouse devices. It schould be one app, one version of code for both desctop and touch. What is better choise: using dhtmlx suite or dhtmlx touch?
Does dhtmlx suite support touch devices? Which? What difficulties will apperar using dhtmx touch in desctop-mouse devices?

Thank a lot for your opinions


dhtmlxSuite will work better.
If you have a relative big screen ( not small screen phones ) - dhtmlxSuite will look fine, and as for latest version, all components will be functional on touch ( all actions, scrolls, etc. Of course you will have some touch platform limitations - no dbl. click and no context menu for example )

dhtmlxTouch is really good for phones, but on big screen it will waster too much of space.

Hi Stanislav

Thanks a lot for your answer.
One more questions regarding on it:
Is there a list of touch devices and browsers (iOS, Android, Windows) which does dhtmlx suite support?



We have tested it with iOS and Android devices.
While there are no exact list, if device is using iOs 5.x and later, or Android 3.x and later - library will work correctly.

thank a lot