Between Grids drag drop error


I have a page that displays two grid side by side (left and right), both allowing drag and drop, on the right side grid, I also allow edit grid, when I am in stage 1 when edit take place (so I double click or hit F2 for one of the cell and the cell is enabling edit) I highlight the content of that cell using mouse, but without lifting the left button of the mouse and move the cursor to the left grid, and error occurs in IE showing ‘_childIndexes’ is null or not an object, this seems like an internal error where the error is created when an item other than the actual row of a grid is being dragged into another grid.

The grid doesn’t seem to cause much problem, but is there a way to make this error go away? (other than disabling drag and drop)


You can use next code

if (stage==1) mygrid.enableDragAndDrop(“temporary_disabled”);
if (stage==2) mygrid.enableDragAndDrop(true);
return true;

It will disable d-n-d while cell is in edit state and re-enable after cell editor closed.

( the issue can’t be reconstructed locally , so if it occurs for latest version of dhtmlxgrid - please provide any kins of sample wher it can be reconstructed, you can send such info directly to )

I tried the solution, but the problem still appears,

I’ve sent an email to support about the steps to reproduce the problem, please check.


There was a separate problem, which was confirmed and fixed.
Fix will be released as part of next build.