Big Data Problem

Hi there,

I built a server-side grid page on my local computer connecting to a database table with 3.500 records. All the filterings and exporting systems were working. I thought everything was ready. So I connected it to my real table with 55.000 records. The data appears really late (3-5 minutes), the filters (expect the one in the second column) and exporting systems don’t work. I tried smart rendering and some other things but none of them worked. I followed what is told in the “Big Data” example but the result is the same.

Here’s the link to the example but I also tried on localhost.

I’m looking forward to your help because I’m fed up with trying all the grid systems I found.

Unfortunately your link cannot be loaded as it hangs the browser.
Please, make sure that you’ve enabled the dynamic loading correctly.
It allows to load data to the client side by portions.
Here is the tutorial: … ep_by_step

I tried that indeed but couldn’t manage. Ok, let me go try again. But it would be very helpful if there was a “Download example” at the end of it.

It pops up an xml error window.

Please, refer to the following working sample: … d_dyn.html

The similar sample you can find in your suit package:

Your link is working well for us now.