Big padding/space on form inputs when attach to window

I’m trying to learn this new version you have the dhxv6+ and then bump on a weird problem.

I create a form and initiate it. This works fine. I use json structure BTW.
Anyway after creating the form and controls everything is perfect.

I then proceed adding this form into a window instance using the code below.

winx.attach("form-login-container", _formInstance);;

The script above works fine but the controls position or gaps is very weird. This is the generated
result from above script.

The gaps between the controls/input is very far. What could be the cause of this weird behavior?
I don’t have problem with this on dhxv5+.

I hope you can tell what is wrong on this.
Please do note that I when I use form only not window it works very fine. See below.

Form instance not inside window.


So form instance outside a window is good.

I found a solution. Setting the gravity to false fix the problem.
This behavior is annoying btw.

Please focus on dhtmlx responsiveness when the user resize their browser.

Thank you for your suggestion.
We’ll take it into a concern.

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