bind(grid) editing dates

When updating a date value from a grid in a bound form, the date format is not transferred to the grid upon updating
However, when adding a new row, the date format is transferred

Is there a solution to this?

Upon creating an onCellChanged event to change it I receive the error

For an example of the format not changing:
Upon submitting the form to update the row, the date formatted: β€œ31-Aug-17” in the form will be changed to β€œThu Aug 31 2017 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)” in the grid. Adding a row from the same form does not have this issue.

This issue is becoming quite urgent :confused:

I apologize for the delay.
Please, try to add the following code to your dhtmlxForm initialization:
form.getFormDataA = form.getFormData;
form.getFormData = function(){