Bind Grid to Form - All fields?

My question is simple. I wanted to setup a grid with about 3 columns (let’s say First Name, Last Name, and birthdate), and then bind it to a form with ALL the details of the record (i.e. address, notes, spouse name, etc)…

From what I read/discovered, to bind a form to the grid, all the fields you want in the form also HAVE to be present in the grid. I am using mySQL with databinding

var dp = new dataProcessor(“aziende_connector.php”);

and dynamic loading (the db is about 600000 records!), so i wondered if there was another way to pull up the record, give the grid what it needs, feed the form when necessary and also manage updates, deletes, additions…

Also, as my gui is getting rather complicated, is it necessary to put ALL the code on one page, or can I for example pop up a window, and tell it to dynamically load IT’s code (i.e. more grids, forms, etc) from another HTML or JS file?

You may try to use dhtmlxDataStore in this case. … xdatastore