bind richselect to list`s data

Is it possiblle to bind richselect to list`s data? How?

e.g. I have two views:

{ view: ‘list’,type: { width: ‘auto’, height: 22, padding: 10, align: ‘left’}, scroll: true, id: ‘list_line’, align: ‘left’, select: 1}

{ view: ‘richselect’, labelWidth: 180, label: ‘stock_move_qty_to_stock’, id: ‘stock_move_qty_to_stock’}

I`m loading data to list:
$$(‘list_line’).load(app.webService+‘get_lines’, “xml”);

data in list:

Now I need the same data (id, value) in richselect view “stock_move_qty_to_stock”. But without calling webservice again…


You can get the list of richselect popup and sync it with the ‘list_line’ list:

$$( ‘stock_move_qty_to_stock’).getList().sync($$(‘list_line’));

thank you