Blank alert in Google Chrome


I have been having a strange error with my Scheduler application in Google Chrome.

The error is as follows: accessing my application page (or indeed, any of the sample pages included with the download) through Google Chrome results in a blank Javascript alert box opening, and the events failing to be rendered.

A few internet searches have failed to find a solution at this time. The application works correctly in Internet Explorer. Also, strangely, the code samples available on the website work just fine. (This is not in any way due to PHP being unavailable from the computer I’m working on; even the XML-based examples show this problem.)

My Scheduler version is 4.3.1 (Evaluation version), and my Chrome version is 46.0.2490.80 m.

I can provide a sample of my code if I need to, but as I said it’s not specific to my application.

Thanks for your help!

Try to run a sample through any kind of web server, so browser will have a [file://sample.html](file://sample.html) ( when page is loaded by file:// protocol, it can’t load data from a server-side correctly )