Blank page after entering database credentials.

Hello, I’m a new user to this forum and the DHTMLX product.
I’ve downloaded the trial version to test out the applications, particularly the spreadsheet.

My setup was running index.php on Nginx on my Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop (URL: dhtmlx.localhost).

However, I quickly stumble upon a problem which is that
after keying in the database credentials in index.php, I was re-directed to dhtmlxspreadsheet.localhost/samp … _init.html which subsequently came to the blank page.
I have tried to resolved the problem by manipulating permissions of the spreadsheet folder and files but to no avail.
Could there be other parameters affecting the output of the page?
I’m running in on Nginx, PHP v5.5.3 on Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop.

does new tables were created in database?

Yes, I created a database with a few table and they are all filled with entries…

Hi rayno,

I am a co-worker with the user simac in this thread.

We are interested to purchase the spreadsheet js widget but we want to evaluate it to see if it fulfils the four requirements we want.

[]We want tabs[/]
[]We want to be able to see the formula bar so that they know why a figure is 1,789.45 for e.g.[/]
[]We want to be able to select a bunch of cells and then find out either the sum of the figures in the cells or the count.[/]
[]We want to be able to do sorting and filtering the way it is done in Excel with checkboxes. See the attached screenshot.[/]

We have been given the trial product for at least two weeks, but we have yet to be able to evaluate.

I was wondering whether we are able to get more prompt support if we purchased the license?

Currently, the non-working trial product does not exactly fill me with confidence.

Please get back to us as fast as possible.

Thank you.

please check if file codebase/php/config.php was created. If file is not found in project directory then it may be a problem with directory permissions.
If file doesn’t exist then you may try to create it manually:


$db_host = 'localhost';
$db_port = '3306';
$db_user = 'root';
$db_pass = '';
$db_name = 'spreadsheet_db';
$db_prefix = 'dhx_';
$db_type = 'MySQL';

Unfortunately dhtmlxSpreadSheet doesn’t support such features as tabs, sorting and filtering

Hi radyno,

I noticed that the GridPro has sorting and filtering features yes?

yes, dhtmlxGrid in pro version includes this features.