Blank 'project' with several tasks

Is there any way to have an effectively blank project which just is a container to house several tasks under that project?

As it stands I have the whole thing working as I want but I need to give the overal ‘project’ a false start and end date so that the tasks can be seen within it…

Anyone got any ideas?

i’m not sure I completely understand you
There is an API for ‘projects’, green bars in this example: … tones.html

Or did you mean something else?

Thank you for the reply.
I’m guess what I mean is:
if I was using the chart to manage the usage of certain machines.
So each project would be the name of a particular machine in our factory.

Each task under that machine but be an actual job that that machine would be used for.

Now this is where I’m stuck.
I need that ‘machine’ to not have a fixed start and end date.
That machine is always on so setting a start and end date doesn’t work…

However each task within it does have definitive start and ends…

Can a ‘project’ just use the start and end dates from the tasks to set itself from?

it should a default behavior of the ‘project’ type of tasks - projects takes start/end dates from their child items … ojecttasks
Note that the functionality is available only in Commercial, Enterprise or Evaluation versions of the component.
Does it answer the question or did you mean something else?