Blank records when inserting in hierarchical order

Hi - noticed an issue when add new records in hierarchical order.

I am trying to add some items and sub-items in normal speed. It seems when the record is saving, the section is bold. However, some blank entries generated and refresh the page caused browser crush.

DB record:

id text desc start_date duration progress sortorder parent
145 0000-00-00 00:00:00 0 0 20 0
144 0000-00-00 00:00:00 0 0 19 0

Any insight?


Is it correct that you have event at 0000-00-00? Possibly you forgot to set xml_date config and it was saved incorrectly.

Or possibly, you’re looking for unscheduled tasks. In this case you could use unscheduled task property. See article: … duledtasks

Thanks, Sten. I think this is a performance issue. It happens only if the child ID is inserted before the parent ID does. Is there any way to save the parent record first and then save the child?

Could you provide some example of it?
Possibly if you’re adding tasks from code (e.g. addTask) you could use batchUpdate function for adding.

See article: … pdate.html
For example:

  var parent = gantt.addTask({start_date: new Date(2013,3,09), duration: 10, text: "Parent Task"},0)
  gantt.addTask({start_date: new Date(2013,3,09), duration: 10, text: "Child Task"},parent)