Block deletion in DHTML grid


Good morning

I do think I have some feature required for my application which maynot be available with current version of DHTMLX grid. I do use DHTMLX Grid and Tree in my present application. Initially client requested for block selection and copy/paste the data into grid. But recently they requested for block deletion functionality. As I could see this feature is not available with current available version of DHTML grid, could you please recommend some solution to resolve issue.


If user selects blocks of cells in DHTML grid and try to delete, he/she should be able to delete the data. Currently I have only copy & paste feature available.

Your suggestion would be of great help to me.



You can use “onKeyPress” event to define custom action on delete button pressing:


function doOnKeyPressed(code,ctrl,shift){

if (code==46){
if (mygrid._selectionArea){
var leftTopRowInd=mygrid._selectionArea.LeftTopRow;
var leftTopColInd=mygrid._selectionArea.LeftTopCol;
var rightBottomRowInd=mygrid._selectionArea.RightBottomRow;
var rightBottomColInd=mygrid._selectionArea.RightBottomCol;
for (var i=leftTopRowInd; i<rightBottomRowInd+1;i++){
for (var j=leftTopColInd; j<rightBottomColInd+1; j++){
else alert (“please select any cell to delete it”)
return true;