Block selection in grid hosted in floating div

I am evaluating dhtlmxGrid. I have a grid that is in a div with position:absolute (simulated dialog box). My problem is that when I call grid.enableBlockSelection(true) and make a selection using the mouse, the content show in the selection is from the window behind my floating div, not from the grid.

I note that the grid selection element is also defined with position:absolute and assume that is what is causing this behavior.

Any solution?

Does this issue reproduced only at Opera? Such behaviour is limitation of this browser. In Opera there isn’t possibility to block standart selection.

If this issue appears in some other browser please send us any kind of sample. You can send it directly to the

I have only tested this with IE 7. I will send you an example.

Problem with IE7 confirmed, it was caused by using “filter” css rule for one of grid’s container parents.
IE has known issue with nested “filter” rules, which can be resolved only by disabling one of it, details about possible solutions sent by email.