Block selection mode is mostly working for us

Block selection mode is mostly working for us ( … amp;a=5878) but with the code sample provided we are noticing that clicking inside a selection causes strange behavior. Double-clicking is impossible too.

Could you please correct this?

The block selection covers part of grid area, and disappears after clicking on it, or on any other element in grid - this is expected behavior.
The grid cells under selection area will not react on click event

After block selection area disappears cells will react on click and dbl-click event as expected.

I have tried the code provided at the link on multiple machines (both IE and Firefox), and it makes the same strange error. Once a box has been dragged out, clicking again inside the box selects a strange side-region of the grid. Again, this is with the code sample you provided us at … 125&a=5901.

Problem confirmed , it was caused by previous modification and occurs only in your custom version of code.
Updated js file attached to email, it works correctly in above scenario. (3.4 KB)